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   What is a Balanced ScoreCard?
   Strategic Themes
   Drill Down Slides

Strategic Value
   Real-Time Data for Execs
   Tool for Company Focus

Design Principles
   Balanced Set of Metrics
   Leading & Lagging Indicators
   3 Types of Metrics


System Description
   System Description
   Underlying Software

Drill Down Slides

Each metric on the Dashboard links to a well-designed drill-down slide, which shows the history (previous months, previous quarters, same quarter last year), current performance, and projected future performance, relative to a goal. Drill down slides contain a visual chart which tells you in an instant where you’ve been, are, and where you’re headed.

In addition to the visual graphic, there is usually a table on the drill down slide, providing “actionable data”, i.e., data which gives you relevant background information that can guide executive team decisions (see Sample Drill Down Slide)

The design of well-crafted, visually informative slides, is a key feature of ScoreCard Partners’ value proposition – we match our graphics expertise with your business data to provide visuals that precisely capture your business dynamics – visuals you can’t find in any “off the shelf” software.